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29 01 2010

Traditional print media have always filtered the news through the various sections of the paper – Business, sport and so on.  And it has always worried me that there is no “environment” section in most newspapers.

Almost as frustrating was the termination of the Earthbeat programme on ABC radio national some years ago.

Finally, however, the ABC (Australia’s public broadcaster) has introduced an environment portal which aims to gather all of the relevant stories and resources from across the network of TV, Web and Radio stations.  Added to the expansion of it’s Web and TV presence, “Aunty” is  having a cracker of a year.

It’s here:




Ecology lessons from traditional cultures

15 10 2009

While the term “racist” is a little too loosely thrown about, Ariel Salleh, a sociologist from the University of Sydney, makes the case for a far more radical sustainability discussion to the one that dominates the mass media right now.  Click the link to stream the audio from Radio National.

Is our sustainability science racist?

The West Atlas oil spill continues

5 09 2009

Flyover of West Atlas oil spill

Raj Patel on food, power and why the WTO should be abolished

3 05 2009

Listen here (from ABC radio national)

New economics

8 04 2009

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Greenies aren’t pushing biofuels !!

19 05 2008

Could we please dispell the myth that biofuels are being pushed by environmentalists. For the most part environmentalists are well aware of the risk of rises in the price of food, brought about through competition for crop material from the energy sector – particulary from corn.

Oh.. that’s where all my plastic s#*t ends up !

10 03 2008

I’ve found ‘away’.

I’ve mentioned before that David Suzuki’s phrase there is no ‘AWAY’  !” has stuck with me over the decades (as in ‘I threw it away‘). Well.. he’s wrong. I’ve finally found ‘away’. It’s a place in the Pacific Ocean where frightening quantities of plastic detritus circulate, and will probably continue to do so well after our bones turn to dust.

Plastic contamination in the world’s oceans is worse than previously imagined and no amount of technology can clean it up, according to Charles Moore. The oceanographer returned February 23 from a five-week odyssey in the Pacific Ocean with samples showing 48 parts plastic for every part of plankton…

Read the rest over at CNET green tech.