Is Melbourne our greenest city?

18 05 2009

Images from the recent climate change protest on St Kilda beach in Melbourne made me ponder this question.   A city that capitalises on trams and a walkable CBD and one that holds an annual sustainability expo.  Just a few signs that Melbourne may be Australia’s greenest city.

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St Kilda beach protest

St Kilda beach protest


Twitter jumps the shark

12 05 2009
from flickr user:  Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

from flickr user: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

I’ll readily admit I’m often behind the times when taking to the latest internet fad. I never really took much notice of Twitter. While blogging may seem like the ultimate vanity, the idea behind Twitter seemed to take this one step further. I don’t believe people care terribly about “what you’re doing right now…”.

My views on this have hardened further this week. I noticed a “follow us on Twitter” sign at the local swim school that my child attends. OK, so I might be a little bit interested in what celebrities or pre-eminent people are doing. But I couldn’t give much of a rats about what the swim school is up to in terms of hourly updates.

There’s been a noticeable upsurge in coverage of Twitter in the press this last week or two. All this is evidence enough for me that this particular fad has “jumped the shark“.

Ronald Wright on civilisations, progress and the future of humanity

5 05 2009
Ronald Wright

Ronald Wright

Rarely have I heard someone speak so clearly and comprehensively about the future of the planet, the growth=progress paradigm and why we need a completely new understanding of how to organise societies.

Take a listen:

You know it must be bad when……..

5 05 2009

Shell urges Turnbull to pass climate scheme

Raj Patel on food, power and why the WTO should be abolished

3 05 2009

Listen here (from ABC radio national)