Chants, signs and graffiti from the G20 protests in London.

2 04 2009

If you got any more, please contribute and link to the original article or image if it exists.

“Beat inflation — eat the rich” – G

“Build a bonfire, build a bonfire. Put the bankers on the top, put Gordon Brown in the middle and burn the f…..g lot” – C

“Jobs Not Bombs: YES WE CAN” – S

“Abolish money” – C

“Eat the Bankers” – S

“Capitalism isn’t Working – another world is possible” – S

“Make love not leverage” – S

“This ruckus sponsored by JobCentre Plus” – S

“When I say banker, you say wanker” – C

“It’s our money they’ve stolen” – S

“Can we overthrow the government – yes we can !” -S

“Capitalism stole my virginity”

“RIP Canary Wharf, 1990-2009” – S

“F..k capitalism” -S

“Consumers suck” – S

“Housing is a right not a privilege” – S

“Capitalism kills” – S

“Swindler’s List” – S

“Nature doesn’t do bail-outs” – S

“Renewable democracy” – S

“Mind the Income Gap” – S

“Green capitalism is not possible” – G

“Planet before profit”- S

“Spank the banker” – G

“Capitalism is condemned” – G

“It’s going to get worse” – S

“Down with this sort of thing” – S

“Fractional reserve bull£$it” – S

“Democracy is an illusion” – S

“No-one has any right to buy or sell the Earth for private gain” -S

“0% interest – in others” – S

“Beneath the concrete, the forest grows” – S

“Resistance is fertile” – S




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