Robert Manne chastises the Australian’s Plimer-worship

26 04 2009

Some points go to the Oz for printing a critical view from Robert Manne:

Cheerleading for zealotry not in the public interest

LAST week, The Weekend Australian published three pieces enthusiastically welcoming the publication of Ian Plimer’s new anti-climate science book, Heaven and Earth – Global Warming: The Missing Science: an overwhelmingly favourable editorial, a lengthy interview with the author and a column by Christopher Pearson of gushing praise. In these three pieces not one word of criticism of Plimer was to be found.

It might have been supposed that the editors of this newspaper would wonder about the capacity for fair-mindedness of a geologist who describes the entire climate science community as “the forces of darkness”; who recently told Adelaide’s The Advertiser that his book would singlehandedly “knock out” not one or several but “every argument we hear about climate change”; and who, in earlier work, had spent considerable energy trying to prove that Noah’s Ark was a myth, the intellectual equivalent of a zoologist seeking to dispose of the belief that the serpent in the Garden of Eden could really have spoken to Eve.

Yet apparently, despite such obvious signs of zealotry, the editors at this newspaper experienced no doubts

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Ian Plimer – Heaven and Earth

24 04 2009

Though the book has only just hit the book shelves, mainstream science is debunking Plimer’s “Heaven and Earth“.   Check out Barry Brook’s early impressions.

New economics

8 04 2009


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Chants, signs and graffiti from the G20 protests in London.

2 04 2009

If you got any more, please contribute and link to the original article or image if it exists.

“Beat inflation — eat the rich” – G

“Build a bonfire, build a bonfire. Put the bankers on the top, put Gordon Brown in the middle and burn the f…..g lot” – C

“Jobs Not Bombs: YES WE CAN” – S

“Abolish money” – C

“Eat the Bankers” – S

“Capitalism isn’t Working – another world is possible” – S

“Make love not leverage” – S

“This ruckus sponsored by JobCentre Plus” – S

“When I say banker, you say wanker” – C

“It’s our money they’ve stolen” – S

“Can we overthrow the government – yes we can !” -S

“Capitalism stole my virginity”

“RIP Canary Wharf, 1990-2009” – S

“F..k capitalism” -S

“Consumers suck” – S

“Housing is a right not a privilege” – S

“Capitalism kills” – S

“Swindler’s List” – S

“Nature doesn’t do bail-outs” – S

“Renewable democracy” – S

“Mind the Income Gap” – S

“Green capitalism is not possible” – G

“Planet before profit”- S

“Spank the banker” – G

“Capitalism is condemned” – G

“It’s going to get worse” – S

“Down with this sort of thing” – S

“Fractional reserve bull£$it” – S

“Democracy is an illusion” – S

“No-one has any right to buy or sell the Earth for private gain” -S

“0% interest – in others” – S

“Beneath the concrete, the forest grows” – S

“Resistance is fertile” – S