Monbiot vs UN climate change negotiator

17 01 2009

Check out this great interview between Britain’s George Monbiot and The UN chief negotiator at the Bali climate change talks – Yvo de Boer.  There are a few others on Monbiot’s web site including such interviewees as the head of Shell, the CEO of cheap airline group EasyJet and the head of the International Energy Agency.

Monbiot has a way of cutting through bureaucratic clichés and revealing the dark heart of climate issues.

Click this link —> Monbiot Meets…Yvo De Boer




2 responses

22 01 2009
Steven Earl Salmony

Perhaps the end of the Bush/Cheney era is the end as well of brazen duplicity, the vanquishing of moral authority, the infidelity to science, the institutionalization of greed and hoarding as virtues, the sanctimonious idolatry of the economy, the degradation of the environment, the dissipation of natural resources, the destruction of Earth as fit place for habitation by our children.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on the Human Population,
established 2001

14 02 2009
Steven Earl Salmony

Dear Ivo de Boer and George Monbiot,

If we were to set aside the questions either of increasing or decreasing energy resources, of global warming or cooling, of wealth increase or environmental degradation, of dissipating non-renewables or a growing global economy, would too many of our leaders still to be adamantly and relentlessly unwilling to confront the monstrous, widely shared and consensually validated understanding that it is not politically convenient, economically expedient, socially agreeable or religiously tolerable to acknowledge, address and begin to humanely overcome, with as little discomfort and dislocation as possible, the primary cause of the looming threats to human wellbeing and environmental health: the leviathan scale and unbridled growth of absolute global human population numbers on Earth in our time?

Steven Earl Salmony

AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,

established 2001

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