Good news from the US

11 01 2009

Finally someone in a leadership position (or soon to be at least) understands the dual challenges of unemployment and environmental action.  Obama is poised to initiate unprecedented funding of fit-outs to reduce energy consumption in public buildings and in American homes.

This herald article suggests Australian green and union movements are pleading for the same initiatives here.  Unfortunately, the union movement is split between support for polluting industries and those who support the greening of the workforce.  This is demonstrated in this appalling article by Paul Howes of the Australian Workers Union on ABC online.




One response

12 01 2009
Steven Earl Salmony

A prescription for saving life as we know it and the planet as a fit place for habitation by our children and coming generations could be to focus more of our attention on the global challenges presented to the human family by the overpopulation of Earth by the human species.

One of the world’s finest scientists, Dr. James E. Hansen says, “Tell Barack Obama the truth – the whole truth” about human-driven climate destabilization.

Perhaps here and now, we will find that other great scientists, the likes of Jim Hansen, Joseph Baker (AU) and John Holdren, will speak out loudly, clearly and often to tell Barack Obama and Kevin Rudd the truth – the whole truth about the apparently unforeseen and unfortunately unwelcome scientific research of human population dynamics as essentially similar to the population dynamics of other species; about absolute global human population numbers as a function of the world’s food supply; about human population numbers being determined by food availability; and about daunting threats potentially posed to the family of humanity and life as we know it, even in these early years of Century XXI, resulting from the skyrocketing growth of human population numbers worldwide.

For repeated references to the good science of Russell Hopfenberg, Ph.D., and David Pimentel, Ph.D., please click on the links below. Comments from one and all are invited.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
established 2001

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