Monbiot vs UN climate change negotiator

17 01 2009

Check out this great interview between Britain’s George Monbiot and The UN chief negotiator at the Bali climate change talks – Yvo de Boer.  There are a few others on Monbiot’s web site including such interviewees as the head of Shell, the CEO of cheap airline group EasyJet and the head of the International Energy Agency.

Monbiot has a way of cutting through bureaucratic clichés and revealing the dark heart of climate issues.

Click this link —> Monbiot Meets…Yvo De Boer


Crimes against nature

12 01 2009

ABC news online has this sobering news today:

Police move on anti-logging protest camp.

There are calls going out on along green channels for activists to head down that way.

I can’t believe we’re still consuming our ancient forests in 2009.  Tree-sitters are bloody heroes.

Good news from the US

11 01 2009

Finally someone in a leadership position (or soon to be at least) understands the dual challenges of unemployment and environmental action.  Obama is poised to initiate unprecedented funding of fit-outs to reduce energy consumption in public buildings and in American homes.

This herald article suggests Australian green and union movements are pleading for the same initiatives here.  Unfortunately, the union movement is split between support for polluting industries and those who support the greening of the workforce.  This is demonstrated in this appalling article by Paul Howes of the Australian Workers Union on ABC online.