More on Australia’s cop-out on CO2

21 12 2008

I thought an article from Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald put it well this past week.  Labelling Rudd “Captain Reasonable”, he had this to say:

“He described climate change as an elephant of an issue, but then proposed not doing anything especially big about it.

He called it “a threat to our people, our nation and our planet”, but then announced only the gentlest of responses.

He said the country stood at “the crossroads of history”, but then suggested that we choose the course of least resistance.

For heaven’s sake, he seemed to be saying, can’t we all just be reasonable.

Rudd’s carbon emissions plan is crafted as a piece of political positioning, and he said as much himself…”

There are times when trying to carve the middle ground is not the right course of action.  Times when leadership means bringing non-believers along with you.  Times when there is truly a right and wrong position and no rational in-between path.  And times when anything less than urgent and drastic action equates to utter failure.

To draw an analogy, if I’m jumping across a ravine between two cliff faces, it doesn’t matter if I miss by 5 metres or only 1 metre – I’m screwed either way.  I wish Kevin Rudd could understand that his bureaucratic and political impulses willcarry destructive consequences the like of which we’ve never seen.

Further on this topic, progressive action group GetUp is raising funds to air this ad during the Cricket on Boxing Day:

…..and poet and environmentalist Mark O’Connor discusses here
the suicidally high population growth rate that Australia is pursuing
(higher than most South-East Asian countries including Indonesia!) and
how this will make significant CO2 reduction almost certainly




One response

30 12 2008
Steven Earl Salmony

Many too many economic powerbrokers have been playing “the only game in town” the way everyone “in the know” has been participating in the construction of a global, leviathan-like “house of cards” called the global political economy.

QUESTION: Can we share an understanding of the many attacks on Earth and climate scientists by saying loudly and clearly that their assailants’ activities are venal efforts to spread garbage and junk science, based upon nothing more or less than the duplicitous promulgation of ideological idiocy?

ANSWER: The many arrogant and hostile efforts toward Earth and climate scientists are for the sole purpose of shoring-up and building trust in a con game; to support the most colossal pyramid scheme in human history…..a modern version of the ancient Tower of Babel. Only this modern ‘edifice’ is an Economic Colossus, one not made of stone but rather built out of filthy lucre as a house of playing cards. The entire game is a patently unsustainable, gigantic ruse perpetrated by a tiny, greedy minority of outrageously conspicuous consumers who are recklessly consolidating and relentlessly hoarding great wealth and power.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population
established 2001

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