Kevin Rudd – you are a disgrace

15 12 2008
Three protesters interrupted the PMs announcement today

Three protesters interrupted the PM's announcement today

World leaders gathered this last week in Poland to forge an agreed direction for climate change policies leading to the Copenhagen summit in 2009.  Australia’s ruling centrist political party (Labor) had already deferred plans to announce its intended carbon reductions on a world stage…and now we can see why.

Buckling to intense lobbying from our coal and mineral industries, the Prime Minister announced plans to reduce our greenhouse emissions by an insubstantial 5% by 2020.  There is some form of appeasement in the declaration that this might rise to 15% if there is a global agreement.

Aside from the fact that such a target, if pursued by others, will lead to catastrophic shifts in the Earth’s climate, the decision to reward polluters is particularly evil.  This ABC article outlines the outrageous handouts:

The amount of free permits available to those industries – such as aluminium, cement, lime and silicone production – has been increased to 25 per cent, compared to 20 per cent flagged in the green paper.  That amount would rise to 35 per cent once agriculture is included in the scheme, which is not expected until at least 2015.

Industries now also have the choice of being assessed for assistance via two different tests based on either revenue or the value it adds to the product in the manufacturing process.  If an industry produces over 2,000 tonnes of emissions per million dollars of revenue or 6,000 tonnes of emissions in the value it adds to a product it is eligible for 90 per cent of free permits.

If it produces over 1,000 tonnes of emissions per million dollars of revenue or 3,000 tonnes of emissions in the value it adds to a produce it is eligible for 60 per cent of free permits.  The Electricity Sector Adjustment Scheme will also provide $3.9 billion assistance to coal fired power generators over the next five years.

To put this another way – if a company produces a lot of climate altering pollution it’ll get great wads of cash, if it produce a little bit less, then taxpayers will reward it just a little bit less.  Perverse but true.  As Greenpeace Australia recently said – “it’s like paying someone to be a prick”.

I hope that such a gutless effort will come back to bite Kevin Rudd, a man who is all talk, and no action.  An archetypal politican, but not a real leader.  Here is what commenter Emma had to say in this post on the ABC online website:

A failure on all counts.

A failure of a target.

A failure of a scheme (giving away free permits to polluters, rushing to compensate at 5%, soft entry targets mean much harder targets and higher costs later)

A failure to heed the warning of scientific experts, economists and experienced policy makers and their own independent review, led by Garnaut.

A failure on the global stage – a spectacular diplomatic failure in fact.

A failure to keep an election promise.

A failure to help try to save our children and grandchildren.

A failure for the planet.

A failure of a government.

Many Australians will no doubt agree.




2 responses

17 12 2008
Steven Earl Salmony

On climate change obstructionism at Poznan…….

This response is so predictable, so duplicitous, so pathetic, so immoral, so dunderheaded.

Too many current leaders appear to be saying that the environmental ‘strategy’ of delay and denial is as necessary and justifiable today as invading Iraq was in 2003.

Only a tale told by an idiot could match the one we are seeing played out on the world’s stage in this first decade of Century XXI.

Steven Earl Salmony
AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
established 2001

23 06 2015

Sorry to be so sexist but that is one sexy protester!

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