Klein, Stiglitz & De Soto: Power, economics and the financial crisis

30 11 2008

Take a look at this wonderful forum featuring well respected commentators as featured on ABC fora.

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If Bush is all for it…then maybe we should think twice.

25 11 2008

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Bush defends free trade in farewell.

Bush defends capitalism on eve of economic summit.

It’s hard to accept such tripe from an administration that brought us close to the brink of financial collapse and will almost certainly contribute to the firesale of the US car industry to the Koreans or Chinese (be that now or in 12 months time).  As heard on the BBC radio 4 Fri night comedy podcast recently – “capitalism is a great idea in theory, but in practice it just doesn’t work”.

The trouble is that Bush believes that there is some sort of relationship between liberty, unfettered free trade and democracy.  China surely demonstrates that market economies and democratic principles don’t always co-exist.

Euphemism of the month

19 11 2008

Technical recession.

SAVE (us from) CAPITALISM !!

14 11 2008

Did you ever think you’d see a headline like this one at the Age:

Bring on the revolution.

Coal parody from Greenpeace

14 11 2008


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