The unravelling of the right to privacy.

11 08 2008

Below are a few links to articles concerning privacy.

The formation of global information networks has forced us to revisit (and hopefully defend) this fundamental right – one first formally recognised in the Magna Carta of the 13th century.  Like the American’s who drafted their constitution, we may have a window of opportunity to get it right for future generations.  Unfortunately, governments and corporations seem frequently to shrug off our privacy concerns.

  • First up is the ongoing campaign from the Australian government to enact ISP level internet censoring.  Plagued by issues of slowed surfing speed, false negatives and false positives for offensive material.
  • Next up, Google finds itself tangled in another privacy debate – this time after “Google streetview” shows pictures of an inebriate on his front lawn.
  • Finally, plans in Australia for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to monitor their users usage for evidence of copyright breaches.  Alarmingly, such a system is already under way in the UK.  It has been pointed out elsewhere that Australia Post doesn’t read an individuals mail – nor should ISPs monitor one’s internet habits.

Not a rosy picture for advocates of civil liberties.


Please save us from John McCain

7 08 2008