Carbon and salt

22 07 2008

Peter Martin (Canberra Times) uses an analogy today to compare compensating heavy industry CO2 with the (thankfully imaginary) government compensating tobacco companies for restricting smoking.

Like me, he finds the idea laughable:

In her green paper, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong justifies the idea this way: ”If the change in regulatory arrangements was unanticipated and implemented without compensation, and investors viewed this as evidence that the Government was likely to change the regulatory regime in future in an unpredictable way, then investors might regard Australia’s electricity market as a riskier investment proposition.”

Try submitting that sentence to the laugh test. That is, try to read it out loud without laughing.

The truth is that when it finally makes a decision on the type of emissions trading system that Australia will have from 2010, Parliament will have ended, not added to, the uncertainty that has been making Australia’s electricity market a risky investment proposition.

More news on carbon in the Age today, revealing the government’s stance on desalination plants.  Surely we’ve a way to go with industry cutting back water use before we resort to these big, energy hungry, centralised monsters.  I tend to think they eliminate positive feedback loops with regard to our water use and further the notion of living beyond our ecological means.




One response

30 07 2008

Hey not sure if you have heard about this before, but as an environmentalist living in Australia I think you might find it a very worthwhile cause.

This site plants trees to offset motor vehicle emissions. They do this free of charge for the consumer, and their activities are funded by a sponsor in exchange for each user registering for the free roadmap site Whereis.

Please do take a look at the site, and if you think it is a worthwhile cause, maybe you could write a blog post about it. The concept needs all the support it can get.

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