Rudd proves image matters more than deeds

21 07 2008

How disappointing to learn of the Rudd government undermining its carbon trading scheme by exempting big polluters.  Hopefully most of the electorate realises that the more sectors are exempt, the greater the burden on the rest of us.

There’s something quite absurd, dare I say laughable about the idea.  The scheme’s purpose is to reduce dangerous emissions but we let the cement, aluminium and coal industries off the hook.  We’re scared of increased prices on petrol so we subsidise it.

It confirms my suspicion that Rudd doesn’t truly believe in this cause (or any cause).  The carbon mafia are victorious – for now.  Such a compromise is unacceptable given the high stakes of this policy area.




One response

21 07 2008

Disappointing is right. It’s like a Clayton’s ETS – the trading scheme you have, when you don’t really want a trading scheme!

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