Greenies aren’t pushing biofuels !!

19 05 2008

Could we please dispell the myth that biofuels are being pushed by environmentalists. For the most part environmentalists are well aware of the risk of rises in the price of food, brought about through competition for crop material from the energy sector – particulary from corn.


Questioning “Growthism” goes mainstream

7 05 2008

Economics writer Ross Gittins discusses the arguments against a narrow focus on GDP growth as a marker of progress in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Drawing mainly upon comments from unorthodox economist Clive Hamilton, the article goes on to quote the current leaders of Australia’s and the UK’s conservative parties, who appear to have some sympathy for such a position (although Brendan Nelson’s sentiments have likely changed with time).

We’ve come a long way.  Can the mania for growth be reigned in?

When growth turns into a monster

Ross Gittins

The one thing people like me aren’t allowed to do is question economic growth. To almost all economists, business people and politicians, the need to maximise the growth of the economy is a self-evident truth.

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