Economic contraction without unemployment?

6 04 2008

Mainstream approaches to global environmental crises tend to suggest that we can have our cake and eat it too.  That is, we can continue to “grow” economic activity while saving the planet.  For some time, advocates of this approach have suggested that we “de-link” economic growth and increased carbon emissions. Nobody knows if this is possible.  Certainly there are no examples of countries maintaining economic growth without increased material consumption or carbon emissions.  What if this approach is misguided?Could it be that endless increases in human consumption and population are not compatible with maintaining the Earth’s basic ecological functions.

Fortunately, there are fringe groups of academics exploring models of decreased consumption that might not lead to joblessness and poverty.  The European Society of Ecological Economics is hosting the first international  “De-growth conference”. Check it out here.




3 responses

6 04 2008

looks like it could have potential..

7 04 2008
unemployment » Blog Archive » Economic contraction without unemployment?

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30 04 2008
Crafty Green Poet

this looks interesting. The Ecologist magazine has a series of articles on economics and environment in its current issue. Their website is: The articles are currently only in their print magazine.

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