Catch o’ the day 3

20 01 2008

Some choice pickins’ from around the web:

1) A fascinating site that donates rice to the hungry (under the World Food Program) for every answer you get right in a vocabulary quiz. Nothing if not original.

2) The charismatic Paul Ehrlich (he of “The Population Bomb”) speaks to Ecological Society of Australia conference. As aired on Radio National in December. Transcript part 1 and part 2.

3) Grist has a nice summary chart of US presidential candidates’ environmental positions. On the Dem side, Edwards stood strong on green issues early but has found Obama and Clinton have moved into his territory. For a laugh check out Republicans Fred Thompson and Ron Paul. Actually…on second thought….its not that funny.




3 responses

20 01 2008

Me and Duncan did the rice / word thingy this morning – very cool! He’s on level one. I got a bit higher.

20 01 2008

If he got any right then he is probably a genius and should be applying for selective high schools right this minute.

21 01 2008

OOh! Maybe you’re right! Perhaps I could sit with him through the entrance exams too? Though that might be a bit embarressing if we both missed out…

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