Polar bears disrupt Shell wildlife photography show

17 12 2007

Dead polar bears - onthelevel

British climate change activists made an appearance this week at the well known Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit which is sponsored by Shell. Amazingly, one of the group managed to get hold of the microphone and made the following hilarious introductory remarks while posing as shells public relations representative:

Good evening my name is Derek Leavussum, public relations director for Shell. I want to welcome you all to the 2007 Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. As you can imagine- I don’t have an easy job, what with all this fuss about melting glaciers, extreme weather and wildlife extinctions. I’d like to thank the Bristol City Council, BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum for making my job all that much easier by allowing us to sponsor your wild lie- I mean wildlife- exhibition.We prefer not to see the melting of the Arctic ice cap as a threat to human civilization. We see it as a business opportunity. After all, there are millions of barrels of oil under there just waiting to be extracted. And we’ll need all the energy we can get since we’ve just abandoned our solar program. When you see the Shell logo, we don’t want you to think about the whale habitat we’re destroying in Siberia and Ireland, human rights violations in Nigeria, and especially not climate change. This may all be true but the fact is that the world needs oil and this is simply the price of progress.

Some say it’s ironic that the world’s second largest oil company is sponsoring a wildlife photography exhibition- but Shell is truly committed to preservation of the polar bear and other wildlife- in photographs if not in the real world. Some say it’s the end of the oil age- but we say it’s just the beginning- we’re thrilled about digging into Canada’s oil sands and with your help we can continue to deceive the public into thinking we’re a responsible corporate citizen. Thank you all for coming tonight and we hope you enjoy viewing these amazing photographs of wildlife that Shell is destroying- I mean conserving.

Also a special thanks to Dawn Primarola and the Labour party for supporting a third runway at Heathrow and ensuring that there remains a healthy demand for our products.

Wonderful that cynical corporate greenwashing can be cut down by clever people with a sense of humour.

Thanks to onthelevel and bristol indymedia for the lowdown.




2 responses

20 12 2007

What a lovely way to protest and get the truth out! Recently I read about people deflating the tires of SUV’s in protest of both the existence of such insane vehicles and the people who foolishly buy them. It’s a benign act that makes a good point.

22 12 2007

True, sometimes comical or satirical acts have a way of exposing the truth more eloquently than deep thinking critiques.

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