Mythbusters – Australian voters smash 3 rules of electoral success

30 11 2007

Here are three cardinal rules of modern electoral success that can now be swept away. There are probably many others. 

  1. No government loses office when the economy is in great shape.
  2. Environmental issues are not significant vote winners.
  3. Australians prefer tax cuts to spending on services. 





3 responses

3 12 2007
John Feeney

It’s great to see Howard out of there, and great to see those myths busted. 🙂 I keep thinking and hearing we’re seeing some real environmental progress in the last year or so. But I keep wondering if it’s just imagined, the result of looking so hard for it. Maybe your election says it’s real after all!

3 12 2007
John Feeney

Oh, nice theme change too! 😎

3 12 2007

The progress is certainly real, at least in this country, though we should not rest on our laurels. We are yet to see atmospheric CO2 begin to drop. I read recently that the US experienced a slight drop in CO emissions last year on the back of high price of oil- this is very good news – although I see Bush is arguing that this supports his passive approach.

I read too that by 2015, three countries are expected to account for 50% of global CO2 emissions – India, China, USA.

It is concerning in the extreme in that China and India intend to build hundreds of new coal fire power stations. I am sure there must be reasonable alternatives to conventional development pathways that do not condemn us to environmental collapse.

I am coming to the opinion that the only way to reign in “renegade” countries will be preferential trade for green countries and tariffs on those that don’t play ball. The Europeans are already starting to talk in such terms.

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