Skype junk mail

27 11 2007

Just slightly annoyed to receive this Skype message this evening from someone called Li.

hello.I am Li from china. we are the factory to produce the flat speaker. we are the only one here in china to produce the flat speaker. because only we have the technology. If you are interested in it, please contact me.

The story of the internet (and probably communications technology in general) seems to be one of explosive, creative ideas which later become subverted (ruined?) by the desire of some to make a quick buck. We might look at email, blogging, video sharing and social networking as classic examples of this tendency. How many of you remember the internet before advertising became the in-you-face visual pollution that it has become? (especially those friggin’ bandwidth wasting video ads and flash content).

The ability of interested amateurs to shape the internet has always seemed to be its great strength over traditional media and many feel that it is a truly democratic technology in this sense. All of this can be compromised by corporate influence and control.

Fortunately, the little guy hasn’t been squeezed out altogether and independent opinion still flourishes for the most part. In the battle between the individual and the corporation, the corporates have so far always trailed behind, ever slow in capitalising on the latest internet trend. May it ever be the case.

Recent attempts to introduce differential pricing for content providers suggest that there are many in the corporate world who would like very much to exercise unacceptable levels of control over the ether. The effects would be wide ranging and toxic to freedom of expression and undue influence.




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