A green QANTAS – oxymoron?

19 09 2007

I reproduce an email from our national airline:

Comments welcome.

Hello Verdurous,
It’s natural to fly carbon neutral
– new carbon offset program
– now you can fly carbon neutral
– today only, Qantas is flying carbon neutral

Today we are proud to launch our new carbon offset program. 
Under the program, Qantas will offset all of the emissions
generated by our staff business travel and our ground
transport operations – every day.

To get the program off to a flying start, we are funding a
‘Fly Carbon Neutral Day’ – and will offset the emissions
from every Qantas and QantasLink flight that departs today
only, from anywhere in the world.

And every time you travel with Qantas, you can now choose to
offset your share of flight emissions with a small monetary
contribution via qantas.com.  100% of your contribution
(excl GST) will go towards an Australian Government approved
‘Greenhouse Friendly'(TM) abatement program.

For more information visit qantas.com/flycarbonneutral.





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