What does CO2 look like?

29 08 2007

[blip.tv ?posts_id=296559&dest=-1]




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29 08 2007

I was captivated with this ad when i first saw it on tv. Then someone told me (burst my bubble!?) balloons filled with CO2 wouldn’t float. And I remembered my childhood frustrations of blowing up balloons and they just sat of the floor, unlike the ones you bought! But I’m still captivated with the ad.

There’s a UK ad aimed at school kids that uses the same concept and a member of the public told them off for not checking their science.

29 08 2007

Hi Clare,

Technically, I think you are right. Then again, the balloons are symbolic and have to be shown to rise into the atmosphere where they play their role in trapping reflected heat from the Earth’s surface. Taking this further for example we could also say that stereos and fridges don’t directly produce CO2 and couldn’t inflate balloons but I think this misses the point.

So I guess I think of it in terms of symbols. In this sense I think the images are useful. For the most part, I would say that the “person in the street” responds better to simple memorable images than complex arguments and scientific detail.

Hey thanks for pointing me to the UK ad and discussion.

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