Growth isn’t the answer, it’s the problem

7 08 2007

Some great posts from Australian e-journal Online Opinion.  First up is a great critique of the mantra of increasing economic growth (via population and consumptive growth).

Hot on its heels is a piece by Mark Bahnisch on why Australia’s apparent economic sunshine isn’t winning over the electorate as reflected in polling.

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One response

15 08 2007
John Feeney

That first piece is pretty good! I still need to finish part ii, but I like this quote:

“yes, Western nations have, in part, benefited from this expansion, but they have also suffered from the commensurate environmental degradation (as indeed, the entire globe has) so to repeat this behaviour would be like a son insisting on smoking because his father did.

Of course poorer nations should be able to improve their standard of living within reason, just as wealthier nations should assist with genuine redistribution of wealth and resources, but it will benefit no one simply to play a “me-too” game of expansion, consumption and ever-increasing withdrawal from an already overdrawn environmental account.”

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