Catch o’ the day

2 07 2007

ready for fishing

A fresh haul from around the green web:

  • David Roberts of enviro-blog Gristmill lets fly at a coal executive in no uncertain terms.
  • Thanks also to Gristmill for highlighting Naomi Oreskes work on why we can be confident that scientists have got it right on climate change.
  • John Feeney explains why it’s not taboo to talk about population – in fact it’s a stark necessity.
  • The New York Times reveals the trouble with “light green” consumerism; and gives Al Gore some page space , perhaps to atone for its generally facile attacks on the man.

Image source: flickr user gari.baldi under creative commons licence




2 responses

5 07 2007
John Feeney

“David Roberts of enviro-blog Gristmill lets fly at a coal executive in no uncertain terms.”

Heh, I’m all for that, but it would be nice now if we could also get David Roberts to give up his intentional avoidance of the subject of population:


6 07 2007

So maybe I should add “John Feeney of ‘Growth is Madness’ lets fly at an enviro blogger in no uncertain terms.” 🙂

I think the primary reason population is avoided is concern over offending people or appearing hypocritical. ie. offending those with large families, those with particular religious positions on contraception, etc. Anyone with more than two children is clearly sticking their neck out if they talk population (interestingly Al Gore has three kids, but still talks population at times – although population not heavily emphasised in his talks.)

All of the big questions of the day can involve offending somebody I guess.

Still, I think we’ve more common ground with the David Roberts’ of the world than many others in the blogosphere. Greeniology is a broad church. I’m sure you’d find the NYT article on “light green” consumerism interesting (linked to in post above).

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