Clever greenpeace action

30 06 2007

Pasha bulker

The coal ship that beached on Newcastle’s picturesque Nobby’s beach has been used to highlight Australia’s role in assisting the world to burn more coal, releasing its deadly products of combustion into the atmosphere.

Its just the sort of action at which Greenpeace excels.

(thanks to Gristmill for the tip).


Fighting the good fight

29 06 2007

Wonderful to see a friend up here in the Torres Strait get some exposure in the Sydney Morning Herald.   Dr Catriona Arnold-Nott is a medico up here who has founded an environmental action group.  Journalist Melissa Sweet sings her praises and looks for common ground shared between the climate crisis and the obesity epidemic.

 Take a look at the article here.

The man in green tights

28 06 2007

It seems some people will pull out all stops to draw a certain person into the US presidential candidacy.  The melodrama is perhaps a little overcooked, but I’m with them in spirit.

Have a look at these videos below.

Dark satanic mills 2007 – Where our stuff comes from

27 06 2007

I can’t stop thinking about these images from Wired magazine. Photographer Ed Burtynsky has captured China’s industrial rise.

How sad are the pictures of single old tenament style houses, standing defiant while all around has been demolished and redeveloped with high rise.

“The Australian” vs. Hamilton

25 06 2007

Pressure builds on Australia’s only national broadsheet as it fights rearguard actions against its dectractors.  The gap between reality and the world view promoted by the Australian seems larger than ever.  It seems to have boxed itself into a corner over its dismissal of climate change science.

Clive Hamilton outlines some recent behind-the-scenes shenanigans.

Monbiot vs. Hamilton – climate change tussle

18 06 2007


Catch up on the thoughts of these two climate change sages over here.

Hopefully their points of difference don’t mask the large common ground they share.

Waste – an easy way to picture some ugly numbers

10 06 2007

An amazing site (that I discovered thanks to Quarentia today) is found just here.

It depicts all kinds of mindboggling statistics in visual form.  Most relate to waste and consumption.

Take a look at the jet planes’ skytrails images.  Quite shocking.

I just love conceptual art like this.