Let’s do it !

13 04 2007

Coal Power Plant - Wikicommons

More good news on the way if the Australian state premiers follow through with their promises.

Although I’d be happier with 90% reduction by 2050, it would be a huge achievement to get the proposed 60% target set firmly in place.

 From ABC news online.

Beattie says emissions scheme will create jobs

Queensland’s Premier says a national carbon emissions trading scheme will lead to more employment opportunities.  The state and territory leaders have stepped up their push for a national plan.  They want the Prime Minister to agree to a 60 per cent reduction in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions within 50 years.   The Premiers and Chief Ministers will raise the issue with John Howard during today’s Council of Australian Governments meeting in Canberra.   Queensland Premier Peter Beattie says 60 per cent is a tough target, but he is confident jobs will not be affected.

“That time will enable us to transition industries, be competitive, come up with new environmentally sound practices and out of that we’ll maintain jobs in fact in some areas like trees and forests, jobs will grow,” he said.

The states and territories are likely to go it alone if the Federal Government refuses to support their proposal.   South Australia’s Mike Rann says ideally the Commonwealth would be involved, but it is important action is taken.

“This is about the nation’s interests, it’s the interest of the environment. I hope we make some progress with the Prime Minister,” Mr Rann said.




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