Swim with the frogs

11 04 2007


An article from the Sydney Morning Herald from 2005 that keeps popping into my head.  Makes me daydream of a future home.  But is the thought of frogs and insects too creepy for a backyard pool.  I reckon you’d get used it.  It’s only natural.

Swim with the frogs.

By Nick Galvin
November 24, 2005

Nick Galvin looks at natural pools; a chlorine- and saline-free alternative to the backyard waterhole.

Predictions of a hot summer mean water restrictions may tighten and the regulation of backyard pools will remain an issue. But what if those pools are not chemical-loaded but produce an ecosystem of plants and wildlife that contribute to the wellbeing of the planet?

A little-known alternative to chlorinated swimming pools that has been popular in mainland Europe for the past 25 years is beginning to gain a foothold in Australia. So-called natural pools aim to mimic the conditions of a freshwater swimming hole or mountain stream.

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5 responses

13 04 2007
John Feeney

That is really cool. 🙂 I’ve always thought it would be great to have a swimming hole nearby, like a pool in part of a river. (though nowadays, many of those are too polluted to be safe) This would be a good alternative. That place in the photo, Nimbin, Australia, looks quite nice. To me, it looks like Southern France. Perfect spot for your own little swimming hole.

13 04 2007


Nimbin lies inland from Byron Bay and is probably the heart of (what’s left of) Australia’s hippy counter-culture. Think communes, meditation retreats, hash cookies etc. etc. It lies in a beautiful misty sub-tropical valley which was mainly dairy farms before the 60’s when the alternative movement arrived. Although the good vibrations have to some extent ebbed away with the arrival of hard drugs and some crime, Nimbin and the Byron Bay hinterland generally remains a really beautiful and dynamic part of Australia.

I guess a natural swimming pool in Colorado would be a tad chilly or would Summer be conducive to a leisurely dip?

14 04 2007
John Feeney

Heh, Byron Bay and Nimbin sound like a fun and beautiful area. When I get to Australia one day, they’ll have to be on the list. 🙂

I’m sure people here have swimming pools, though I haven’t actually seen any. But, natural or not, they’d freeze in the winter. (I guess people drain them for the winter.) But, yeah, in the summer it would be fine. I’m picturing a possible second home, sometime down the road, in some place more consistently warm. Of course, depending on climate change, we might not have to move as far as we’d guess today!

9 12 2008

Its funny – I suggest a swim at the local tidal pool and can’t get any takers, yet everyone is happy to cram themselves into a festy 6 m x 4 m swimming pool in someone’s backyard. It seems lots of people would rather swim in chemically cleansed water than something a little more natural.
I was thinking about the proliferation of backyard swimming pools here in Brisbane and thinking that I’d really like a backyard billabong instead (saw one on the tele a while back and though it brilliant) … but then deciding that we live about 5 minutes away from a lovely tidal pool so perhaps we should just make more use of that.

11 12 2008

I guess the thought of little squishy amphibians or bugs in the water gives people the creeps. Perhaps we’ve fallen in love with sterility and out of love with nature. A great loss.

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