Slick ads from UK greens

7 04 2007

In politics, image is everything. Perhaps green parties and movements worldwide can learn from clever ads like this one from the UK.

Thanks to Politique Vert where I first saw this ad.




3 responses

9 04 2007
John Feeney

Very nice. I think the Green party in the US could definitely learn from this. They get very few votes as it is, and need to try something different to connect with people. I like the “common sense now seems radical” message in the video. Something like that might capture some votes.

9 04 2007

John, it’s an interesting point. In the US, it seems that to vote Green in a presidential election means that you are robbing a democratic (or other) candidate of your vote. In Australia, we have a two-party preferred system which means we rank candidates. What this means is that we can rank the candidates to our preferences. So if say the Greens candidate dips out then our vote is then distributed to the next on our list until there are two candidates remaining. People seem happy with it here. It’s more akin to the British Westminster style of government. The continental Europeans do things differently once more. Many of those nations have proportional representation which has its own pluses and minuses. In Australia (like many places) the Greens have very wide support, but very thin. What this means in practice is that they generally get around %8-10 of the vote across the country, but this is rarely enough to win a seat. On the other hand a rural party such as the “Nationals” have about a similar level of support, but it is concentrated in rural electorates so they win seats in parliament. Interesting. There are ups and downs to all systems I guess. But yeah, I thought that video was really good. Gets to the core of our humanity. That’s hard to do in a little TV spot.

10 04 2007

I really like the Australian way of ranking candidates. In the USA however the two main parties will never give up the advantage they now enjoy. 😦

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