Wooohooo ! AIT wins an Oscar !

26 02 2007

Thinkprogress.org has the video of the announcement.  Be sure to check out Gore’s “big announcement” in the clip further down on the same page.

 A red-letter day.

An inconvenient truth




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26 02 2007

Thanks for the link! I missed the ceremony but it was great to see them get the recognition they deserve!

3 03 2007
John Feeney

I hope the award is causing a wave of rentals of AIT. Just keep getting the word out, getting it out, and getting it out…

3 03 2007

I’m sure you’ve seen the attack dogs are out after Gore. Playing the man and not the ball. Must have been spooked by the Oscar jokes about presidential campaign.

3 03 2007
John Feeney

Yes, and isn’t it interesting that it started with the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, a right wing, apparently libertarian group, from what I can turn up, even though it claims to be “non-partisan.” So the people who deny global warming, whose organizations have taken money from Exxon to deny it, are leveling this criticism at Gore.

“Johnson “comes straight out of the right’s network, coming from Exxon-funded” American Enterprise Institute, egalia commented February 27, 2007, at Tennessee Guerilla Women Blogspot.”


More here:


4 03 2007

Nice links. I saw somewhere that Johnson was asked about Gore’s purchasng of %100 renewable energy. He said something along the lines of:

“Well, I get my power the same place he does. I don’t see a special big, green cable going to his house.”

This is the level of ignorance that this man is coming from.

7 03 2007

I really need to stop reading blogs at work – It makes my blood boil! Not yours of course!


13 03 2007

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