Ex-journo goes head to head with the PM in his electorate

26 02 2007

Frm my home electorate of Bennelong in Sydney’s northwest comes news that respected ABC journalist Maxine McKew is to run against John Howard in this year’s federal election.  Could be interesting given Bennelong’s increasingly marginal status.  See 2004 results.  She’s got a pretty tough task ahead.

 Here’s the story from the ABC on Windows Media Video (broadband).

 Maxine McKew




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26 02 2007

Hubby threw an interesting theorey at me tonight – Maxine needs a significant swing to beat the PM, and Labor needs one to get into power. Here’s a woman who looks like she’s making a huge gamble, but in reality she’s got noting to lose. If there’s a swing to Labour big enough to get her elected then a) she’s in power and b) probably front bench for pulling off a big seat win, but if the swing is not big enough then a) Labour will probably lose and b) Maxine doesn’t win a seat in opposition (which she probably didn’t want to do anyway.)

Complicated enough for you? Anyway, go Maxine.


26 02 2007

You’re probably right. I think she’s a good choice for Bennelong. You obviously need someone high profile to go against the inevitable media attention given to the prime minister. She’s got no negative baggage as far as I can tell. The last Bennelong candidate predicted to cause Howard trouble was a guy called Andrew Wilkie He was an ex-soldier and intelligence analyst who went public with claims that there was a is mis-reprsentation of intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq. A whistle-blower you might say. He joined the Greens for the 2004 election and did OK (considering the Greens don’t have a record of amazing upsets).

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