Taking it to the next level

16 02 2007

Press conference 

I get the feeling we’re in the middle of a momentous time in the history of human civilisation.  Perhaps one day our generation will tell people about how all of these great changes unfolded.  How we went from burning up the planet to learning to live within its capacities.

When the history is written down, one man will stand out as a global leader who came back out from the shadows and worked tirelessly to wake us up and bring about perhaps a quiet revolution.  That man is Al Gore.

 Al Gore and some partners announced today a series of global concerts under the banner “SOS: live earth” – the SOS standing for save our selves.  Styled on the “live8” concerts, they announced the cities and some 25 confirmed artists from the music world who will participate.

Partnerships have been formed with MSN, NBC/Universal, BBC and other media companies around the world.

This could be big.  Very big.                     Take a look at the official site and the MSN site.




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