It’s War !!

15 02 2007

The language ramps up a notch in the global warming discussion.

Environmental advocate and business consultant Murray Hogarth outlines the arguments for military-style framing of what he calls a “fast-emerging crisis for human civilisation.”

I particularly like this extract from towards the end of the article:

Finally, in a war it’s also vital to know your enemy. That’s the trickiest part of all on the climate front. Ultimately the enemy is the face each of us sees in the bathroom mirror every morning, and our own energy-intensive, high-consuming, wasteful lifestyles. Each of us has a voice, a vote and a wallet. We better start deploying them to get politicians and business leaders acting at speed and scale commensurate with the threat.

Elsewhere, Australian of the year Tim Flannery adopts similar rhetoric.  Read the ABC coverage here.

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery. (Source: ABC online.)




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