Red on the outside & green on the inside

3 01 2007

Kind of the opposite to a watermelon really.  So it seems with Mikhail Gorbachev.  The son of peasant farmers and ex-soviet leader talks with Phillip Adams on Radio National.  Though this is a repeat broadcast, I heard this great interview today for the first time.  Here’s a snippet:

You will say that I am defending the current generation of politicians…yes, indeed, because this is a time when political leaders need support, they need intellectual support because the problems that we are facing today will only spread. Look at the results of globalisation; we were hoping that we would be able, through globalisation, to solve the problems of poverty and backwardness, but globalisation is working like a soulless machine. It is like a mincer of cultures and nations. We need a globalisation with a human face. We need a globalisation that has an ecological dimension, a humanitarian dimension, a social dimension, or else it would be a destructive force. So we need to enrich globalisation with this kind of thought and practice. So you are right in being very critical and in raising this issue of leadership. But I do the same thing but I also say history is not preordained, there are always alternatives in history, and each age produced it own leaders.

Sounding like a statesman indeed.

Read the rest here or listen over here.




One response

11 01 2007
John Feeney

Gorbachev is pretty cool. I have this memory that I’ve been trying to dredge up for days. A number of years ago I was standing in a natural foods store, looking at some product. On it, it said something about Gorbachev, something about his work for an environmental cause. I remember thinking, “Wow, he’s really doing some good there!” Can’t recall the details at all. Oh well…

Anyway, I found this related link

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