So long and thanks for all the fish

18 12 2006

Ladies and gentleman,

Just a brief pause in your busy lives to say goodbye to the baiji, a white Yangtze river dolphin.  Another victim – extinct at the hands of human kind.   Stuck it out for 20 million years but I guess we humans were just too good on the day.  See you later old mate.

Particularly like this line in a New York Times article:

The Yangtze, Asia’s longest waterway and thought to be akin to the Amazon long ago in its biological richness, now has a dominant species: the 400 million (and counting) people busily plying its waters and industrializing its banks.





2 responses

27 12 2006
John Feeney


I saw a well informed estimate of about 27 species being lost per day. (based on 1,000 species per million lost per year, and a conservative estimate of 10 million species) I think I read somewhere as well that we may see the loss of something like 50% of all species by the end of the century — unless of course we take some serious actions. What a shame.

27 12 2006


You’re right. It is truly a catastrophe. The web of life is surely a delicate one. You start taking too many foundation stones out of the pyramid and pretty soon the pyramid starts to become quite unstable. An emergency of massive proportions.

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