Global warming round-up

18 12 2006

The SMH covers Australia’s newly cool environmentalists.

Worldchanging gives an insider’s view of what its like to be one of Al Gore’s disciples as a Climate Project volunteer.

Environment pin-up boy Leonardo DiCaprio asks Yahoo users for solutions to Global Warming.  Answer him here.




2 responses

19 12 2006

Thanks for the post. I especially enjoyed the “insider’s view” of Al Gore’s training project.

Australia may indeed be one of the first nations to be very-hard-hit by global warming. Australia is also the only industrialized nation besides the U.S. not to ratify the Kyoto protocol. Good luck changing the government down under! And wish me good luck changing it here in America.

19 12 2006

Much appreciated tamino. I’m loving the groundswell of media coverage of climate change. A change of government seems like a big hurdle in Australia but change can come quickly and unexpectedly. Enough people are starting to care, so that a wave of grassroots action will make the politicians change course.

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