Power and the Passion

10 12 2006

From Treehugger comes a report of two environment announcements in Australia today.  The first is the somewhat anticipated elevation of ex-Midnight Oil singer Peter Garrett to spokesman for climate change and the environment. Fantastic news.

The second is the establishment of a global carbon-emissions taskforce by the Prime Minister.  Once again its a case of pre-determining an answer and then looking for the best fitting question.

John Howard explained the mission of the panel thus; “Its sole remit will be to tell us what the shape of a global emissions trading system might take. It will be looked at against the background of preserving the natural advantages Australia has in areas like fossil fuels and uranium.” The government’s panel includes reps from one of Australia’s largest coal exporters, and BHP Billiton, the world’s largest resources company who is also owner of Olympic Dam mine, which they note as the world’s largest uranium deposit.

I wonder what conclusions they might possibly reach?  Is the Australian voting public foolish enough to believe the federal government are truly taking action or will they see through this cynical stalling from a do-nothing PM who thinks our future is to dig & burn fossilised forests and radioactive minerals? As for – “to tell us what the shape of a global emissions trading system might take.” – well you’d think he may have heard of a little known global treaty which was painstakingly worked out some years ago called the Kyoto Protocol.

Peter Garrett




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