On top of the world

9 12 2006

From my good mate Craig comes two Sierra Club online petitions aiming to highlight critical threats to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

Though it receives little media coverage outside the USA, the Sierra Club is the premiere environmental organisation stateside. The petitions are here and here.

 Acrtic National Wildlife Refuge




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10 12 2006

Thanks for putting those links up. I would encourage all those interested in this blog to log on to the Sierra Club web site and have a look at the wonderful advocacy work they do. For example, they are one of the plaintiff’s (along with 11 states) in the current case before the United States Supreme Court that is trying to get the Bush Administration’s EPA to recognize that CO2 is a pollutant and therefore force it to regulate CO2 emissions.

10 12 2006

That should be plaintiffs, without the apostrophe. Sorry folks.

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