Madonna and Brangelina – Africa is like…so cool.

5 12 2006

ABC radio national broadcast a fascinating look at celebrities taking up the African agenda.  Is this true activism or tokenism?  I’m not sure.  Here’s a sample of the program: 

Shelley Gare: If I ever met Angelina Jolie I’d really want to know why she is doing her adoptions outside America. And why do you go to Cambodia? I mean there are so many kids doing so badly in the United States of America, it just seems Why go to the other side of the world? Now that’s her – she might have a perfectly good reason for that, but it seems like such a big splashy thing to do, and as for Madonna and the Malawian child, that again seemed to me like, I mean what is this idea? In fact there was a great quote once from one of Angelina’s offsiders where she said, ‘Angelina is thinking of having another baby, and this time we think it might be a Russian’. Now that to me is just the idea you are treating children like commodities.

Read the transcript or listen to the audio while it’s still up.  Apologies for drifting off greenness.





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