Robin Williams talks environment

21 12 2006

From “Earth to America”


Sticks and stones?

20 12 2006

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph sounds off about a new breed of green conscious city dweller.

First we had the “metrosexual”  –   and now the “ecosexual”.

Take a look at the article.  It’s stirred some passions in the comments section afterwards.  Add your own.

So long and thanks for all the fish

18 12 2006

Ladies and gentleman,

Just a brief pause in your busy lives to say goodbye to the baiji, a white Yangtze river dolphin.  Another victim – extinct at the hands of human kind.   Stuck it out for 20 million years but I guess we humans were just too good on the day.  See you later old mate.

Particularly like this line in a New York Times article:

The Yangtze, Asia’s longest waterway and thought to be akin to the Amazon long ago in its biological richness, now has a dominant species: the 400 million (and counting) people busily plying its waters and industrializing its banks.


Global warming round-up

18 12 2006

The SMH covers Australia’s newly cool environmentalists.

Worldchanging gives an insider’s view of what its like to be one of Al Gore’s disciples as a Climate Project volunteer.

Environment pin-up boy Leonardo DiCaprio asks Yahoo users for solutions to Global Warming.  Answer him here.

Our wildflowers 3

17 12 2006

Pycnosorus globosus (Billy buttons) – click image to enlarge

Pycnosorus globosus

Save Santa’s home – time for a freeze on CO2

17 12 2006

Disturbing news from the National Snow and Ice Data Centre.  Suggestions that we could see a complete loss of arctic ice much earlier than predicted on current trends. 

Polar bear

Fire strikes at the heart of the mountains

12 12 2006

Dear Blue Gum Forest,

I’m sorry about the recent fire through your home.  I know some are saying that it could have been stopped but I guess that’s past history now.  You look so sick, like you’ve lost everything.  I heard stories about your youth, more than seventy years ago when you helped start the conservation movement in Australia.  We almost lost you back then – to grazing and agriculture.  I really enjoyed our visit with you last Winter.   I wish you well and pray for a full recovery.



 Blue Gum Forest Winter 2006Blue Gum Forest Summer 2006