Kim Beazley takes heart

26 11 2006

The Victorian election result may provide a boost to the fortunes of Kim Beazley, despite media reports of leadership troubles.

He gave a very polished performance on this morning’s the Insiders.  He seemed to have an air of determination.  Here’s the show. Kim’s interview starts at around 12 min 40 sec.    With issues like Iraq,  AWB, workplace relations and the big one…global warming on the front pages, its now or never for the opposition.

Update 3/12/2006 – Things move quickly.  Beazley decides to spill his position and the whole front bench.  Difficult to see any good coming from this unless there is a large majority of support for either candidate.  Interesting watching.  ALP seems intent on kneecapping itself whenever it starts to enter a period of stability.




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