UK government encourages supermarket revolt

19 11 2006

Imagine living in a country where government ministers advocated direct action against the waste of big business.  That country is the United Kingdom.

Read more at the Guardian article found at this link.




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20 11 2006

Hi Greenie. (Is your real identity a secret?)
Dunno what all my computer specifics are, but I can read this just fine on my laptop – just not my …erm… dinosaur desktop. Scary photo! Am I the first commenter here too?

20 11 2006
Stuart Sutcliffe

Hi Ruth. You’re right on two counts. First my identity is a carefully guarded secret so don’t blow my cover OK? Second, you’ve christened my site by adding the first comment here. Well done. You can call me Greenie or Stuart Sutcliffe (my current preferred Nom de Plume) or Verdurous or even “You errant, urchin-snouted strumpet” if your partial to Elizabethan insults as per my earlier post.

21 11 2006

Hmm. I’m beginning to think maybe I shouldn’t comment using my “real” name. I’m such a blooger dag.

21 11 2006
Stuart Sutcliffe

I thought “Ruth” was a clever pseudonym. Damn, you’ve blown it. Fortunately, your first name won’t be quite enough to track you down. You’re pretty safe. There are plenty of people who use their full name on blogs – but then you can’t be too cheeky. Perhaps the veil of anonymity allows a little freedom?

20 01 2007

i love that lawn!

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