Neutralising the issue?

14 11 2006

 I’m not sure whether to be extremely pleased or highly suspicious.

 The PM announces a business-government inquiry into emissions trading.  Full marks for the 180 degree turn on climate change and emissions.  I confess to being deeply worried about the make-up of such a body though.  Why is it that only pollies and big business will have a say on this most important of issues?  Where are the scientists, environmental advocates or community representatives?  Can’t help but feel that this may be another case of a hand-picked group that will provide the predetermined “right” answers to the PM, much like the nuclear enquiry.

 Such a shame that Howard seems obsessed with ideas that may begin to help in fifteen years time when real action is needed NOW.  The answer to our greenhouse problems lies with today’s technology, renewables and with energy efficiency measures.  There is no time to waste.




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