Missed it by that much

13 11 2006

Well, I missed out on being selected for Al Gore’s Climate Project to be held in Sydney next weekend.  Al and a few climate scientists are training volunteers to give a local Aussie version of his little “slide show” as featured in “an inconvenient truth“.  Guess I’m a little disappointed but then I realised that less than five percent of applicants were successful – 1700 applications for 75 positions – WOW!.  Maybe I was a little too honest on the application form – (“Do you own a projector?” etc!).

The flip side of course is that there should be 75 highly motivated and extremely well suited Australians that have promised to give at least ten presentations to community groups over the next twleve months.  As Glen Milne pointed out recently in the Australian, that means a mimimum of 750 presentations around Australia – and probably much more than that.  This issue is one that won’t go away.  The momentum continues to build.  Training for over 1000 climate project volunteers in Nashville, Tennessee in the US is already underway.

There is no doubt in my mind that Al Gore will be seen as a visionary in years to come and the man who did more than any other to help avert ecological collapse.  Although I would have been very proud to be associated with this program and indeed to meet the man, I may just get along to see one of the volunteers give the Aussie version.

 Bring it on.




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